A music video I recently directed, shot and, edited.

Band: Falcon Road
Directed By: Ryan Melideo
Cameras: Ryan Melideo and Zack Williams
Edited By: Ryan Melideo
Concept By: Ryan Melideo, Mark Furze, Emily Archer
Super Hot Axe Wielding Red Head: Emily Archer
Make-up and Hair: Kris Lezetc
Jewelry: Teresa Mejia @ Hollyweird Kouture http://www.facebook.com/Hollyweird.Kouture2
Band Members: Mark Furze (vocals & guitar), Todd Burman (lead guitar), Aaron James (drums), Vic "Pacifico" Ramirez (bass guitar)


 "Major Reactor" - Instrumental Guitar Song & Video Edit

  footage edited from various source video on archive.org

Music was written and recorded by me.

TEASER TRAILER for "The Ghost In The Numbers", a feature film that I am currently developing

I handled all camera work, editing, audio capture, and motion graphics.

A trip to Hungry Valley, CA

Camera, editing, and audio capture

A trip to Palm Springs, CA (Pappy & Harriet's & The place of Gram Parsons death)

Camera, editing, and audio capture